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Winter Goodies.

I have been gone for a while due to severe morning sickness and other not so nice bits that can happen when one is pregnant. But at the moment I am back on my feet and drawing once again. It is cooler, darker, and the days are shorter, but my inspiration is running on high. Despite not really liking winter, I am in love with Christmas, and Hygge, and all things cute and cozy.

With Thanksgiving over, I can now (without a guilty conscious) focus on my Christmas obsession, and with that my yearly freebie, Dear Santa wish list.

You can download and print this wish list out here.
I have also created several Lino cuts that will be up for sale. They are all Winter themes, and they vary in size.  

I addition to this, I am open to christmas card commission, or portrait commissions. You can either have them done digitally or as a watercolor, of course the price varies.

For those that are local ( Kaiserslautern, De) on Dec. 1st and Dec. 8th starting at 19:30, we will be having an English speaki…

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